TV secrets – Gorgi Coghlan

My scariest TV moment was when … I was working at Channel 31 and mistakenly pulled out the cable that transmitted the whole station. Channel 31 went down for a few minutes thanks to little old me.

My favourite show as a child was … a combo of Mork & Mindy, Family Ties and Monkey.

I decided a television career was for me when … I stumbled into it and landed on my feet.

My favourite thing about summer TV is … having the cricket on in the background.

People I admire most … don’t work in TV.

My guilty TV pleasure is … Apple TV – movies, docos, drama series all at your fingertips. Plus, I get to watch the film Ratatouille at least once a week.

If you were going to tell all, which television interviewer would you go to? Can I have a panel? Andrew Denton, Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson.

Bring back …The Late Show.

The Shire … Can we just pretend it never happened?

Hair, make-up or wardrobe? I’m a working mum, so I’d be grateful for someone to brush my hair, let alone make-up. What a treat.

The book I’d like to see on TV is …Shantaram.

The most prized DVD in my collection is … probably my husband’s full collection of Entourage because if we lost it there’d be hell to pay.

Missing from my DVD collection is … anything to do with magic or vampires – Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings etc. Not for me.

I wish I had time to watch … more adult television. ABC4Kids rules the roost in our house

I always wondered why my parents watched … Yes Minister. I just don’t share the love.

My parents warned me TV … is like the rest of the world: be yourself and treat people the way you would like to be treated. They were right.

If I wasn’t on TV … I’d still be teaching year 12 biology.

You’ll never catch me watching …The Shire.

The most significant event of 2012 was … our show The Circle getting axed. It was such a wonderful show with incredible people.

The show that has had the greatest influence on me is …Enough Rope with Andrew Denton. He taught me to listen to your guests to get the best result.

I loathe but can’t look away from … gruesome crime docos.

If I were a TV programmer I’d … keep The Project on forever.

Gorgi Coghlan is guest co-host on The Project from today.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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