Pulver faces a tough initiation

1. Bring rugby together

ARU chairman Michael Hawker has been working hard to build bridges between head office and the provinces since the release of the Arbib Report into corporate governance of the game. It’s working, but can the peace hold when tough decisions are made? Of greater concern is the divide between the grassroots and the professional sphere of rugby.2. Robbie Deans

Who should coach the Wallabies? Perhaps not the most pressing issue in the game, but the one at the forefront of the minds of most fans. Deans’s contract expires this year and the decision on who will guide the Wallabies at the next World Cup needs to be made. Deans wants the job, but will the ARU back him?3. Collective bargaining agreement

Labour disputes are not exactly the sexiest topics in sport, but the ARU needs to sort out the CBA with its players. The previous agreement is in rollover mode and a new deal needs to be struck. A revenue share model with the players is the trickiest issue to resolve.4. Third-tier competition

It is cited as one of the major reasons behind the lack of depth in Australian rugby. A competition between Super and club rugby needs to be created to rival South Africa’s Currie Cup and New Zealand’s ITM Cup, but without the cost burden that sank the ill-fated Australian Rugby Championship after its only season in 2007.5. British & Irish Lions tour

How hard can it be to grow rugby in a Lions year? Not very, but consider this – when John O’Neill first left rugby in 2003 it was almost on par with the NRL and AFL, now it’s swimming with the A-League. To restore rugby to its former glory will take time and it needs the maximum boost from this rare opportunity.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.

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