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Watching Channel Ten’s Homeland proves to be a testing experience.Love the irony

IT’S ironic that GG had a half-page article on the ”I Love Green Guide Letters” podcast on December 27, yet no letters are published in this edition. Can I now expect Steele Saunders to have a mime artist to make informed comment in future podcasts?

Frank Stipic, Mentone

Sacking not my offence

ONE fatuous question does not, in my opinion, constitute a sacking offence. I liked Helen Kapalos, and reject Steele Saunders’ suggestion (Green Guide, 27/12) that my letter led to her sacking. My comment about an unshakeable conviction of being right was very much true. That said, I really do like Green Guide Letters.

Arthur Comer, Sebastopol

Home chopping network

HOMELAND was touted as the year’s best; however, I doubt the reviewer watched it on free-to-air. Channel Ten truly butchered this sophisticated, complex show. It started and finished late and I literally lost count of the five- to six-minute ad breaks, which destroyed the mood and one’s concentration. Even pre-recording couldn’t cope. I learnt, late, to ignore the Green Guide and just let the PVR go on and on.

Hilary Cook, Albert Park

Two peninsula points

WHY do Channel Nine presenters, when referring to geographical locations south of Melbourne, invariably speak of ”the” peninsula? There are actually two of these Port Phillip promontories, the Mornington and Bellarine. We frequently get weather details for places on one but not the other; towns on the Bellarine are hardly mentioned. Then there is the pronunciation of one of our major roads, the Princes Highway, as the Princess Highway!

Don Patrick, Barwon Heads

Through to the keeper

RICHARD Hinds’ assessment of the old and new commentators of Channel Nine cricket (GG, 20/12) was way off the mark. Bill Lawry is a ”late cut” above the rest. Quick to call and nearly always right.

Graham Wilce, Ormond

Persistence a virtue

CONGRATULATIONS to Leigh Sales, in being found not to have shown bias in her interview with Tony Abbott on 7.30 (The Age, 21/12). The charge should never have been made. All she did was persistently try to get him to answer an important question, which he persistently refused to do. Leigh is doing a fine job; Kerry O’Brien would be hard to follow.

Ron Hayton, Beaumaris

Conjuring excellence

I’M SURPRISED Dynamo: Magician Impossible has gone unnoticed by the reviewing fraternity. It is excellent, and encourages the pursuit of excellence.

Geoffrey Blakemore, Berwick

By gum, they are gone

I WENT to Port Melbourne to see the forest of towering gums that was proudly displayed on the ABC1 weather report three times last week but, strangely, could find only palm trees and apartment buildings. (And I think I now understand the reason the place name was dropped on the third day.)

Bruce Watson, Belgrave

Hear, hear to Ho

ANDREA Ho as the fill-in for Ian McNamara on ABC Radio’s Australia All Over was indeed a breath of fresh air. Andrea has a delightful delivery and showed great empathy when chatting to the various callers. It was somewhat of a relief as dear Ian has become a bit ”blokey” and certainly has skewed the program to be more ”Sydneycentric” in recent times.

Barrie Dempster, Balwyn

So long, in short

RE DIRTY Business on SBS: Michael Idato, is the story 150 years long or is it the story of 150 years of mining? If the former, I guarantee I will fall asleep before it finishes.

Andrew Moloney, Parkdale

Accent on quality

THE missing staples may be inconvenient and the savings on green ink understandable, but as long as there’s a Dan Burt article in the GG I’m happy. Thanks for his many insightful and witty articles. Also Craig Mathieson and Terry Lane et al, thanks for a year of interesting and insightful pieces. My wishes for the new year? More great articles; and for TV journalists to learn how to pronounce ”important”. It’s ”imporden”.

Andrew Zagdanski, Ocean Grove

Call for new columnist

THANK you for publishing Eddie Wilgar of Yarraville’s letters each week; we completely disagree with Leslie-John Newman (20/12/12). Wilgar’s knowledge and appreciation of television knows no bounds, and provides badinage so often lacking in other letters. Perhaps GG could offer Wilgar a weekly column so we can enjoy his insights more permanently?

The Eddie Wilgar Appreciation Society (EWAS), Melbourne

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